About Us

"At Evable we believe our customers are the Real designers of their own dream outfits and we only help them curate it keeping the essence of our Brand "

Evable literally translates to 'Beyond Beautiful'. We are a boutique store located at Shahpur Jat, Delhi and we do custom-made clothing. Our specialty is hand Embroidery and we cater in Indian Ethnic wear for women & men. We believe in creating timeless pieces without compromising on the quality. We want to build a trust with our customers and help them witness the journey of their creation. A design that feels like it was always made for you.

Evleena shares a unique story that takes her back to the youth. Having done her schooling from Sri Lanka and being exposed to different cultures all throughout her teenage days, she got bitten by fashion bug at a pretty early age and thereby developed a knack for fashion designing. Decided to hone her skills at the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Delhi with their flagship course of Fashion Designing, constructed her own design taste. Having worked with export houses right after her graduation, helped her understand the industry and its intricacies. She embarked on her professional journey when she decided to quit her full time job and registered her company Kyros Apparels Private Limited. When the brand name was to be decided she discovered there was no better source of inspiration for her than herself. She wanted the brand name to have similar phonetics, initials or meaning as her name and therefore the brand was born as Evable, which literally translates to Beyond Beautiful.

Beauty often lies around us, disguised in a form that has to be realised by someone who adores it and appreciates it. At Evable, we just don’t make wonderful clothing but we stich your dreams into reality and bring the beauty into life. Just like her journey, Evleena wishes to create something wonderful for every woman, irrespective of shape and size. Their story is seen in her designs, in their way of working and in what the brand stands for.